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Thursday, November 20, 2008

USPS Rural Carriers May Be Entitled To Retroactive OWCP Payments

The USPS has approved retroactive pay raises for USPS rural carriers with an effective date of November 25, 2006. This means that if you are a rural carrier with a date of injury on or after 11/25/06, you should fill out a CA-7 form to claim your additional pay. This form should include the date range since 11/25/06 that you received workers' compensation pay or a schedule award. The form needs to be submitted through your injury compensation office so that the agency representative can certify your pay rate. You may want to include a cover note with the CA-7 to explain your reason for submitting this form.

Even if your date of injury was before 11/25/06, you may be entitled to an adjustment if your compensation pay or schedule award was based upon a Recurrence that occurred on or after November 25, 2006.

OWCP determines your pay rate based upon either your date of injury or your last day of work (if you continued working after the date of injury). If you return to work full time for more than six months, and you then need to stop working again because of that same injury (for instance to get surgery), you will have a new pay rate based upon the Recurrence date that you stopped working.