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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Arnold Berman - Did OWCP decide your schedule award based upon a report from this doctor? If so, there seems to be a good chance he got it wrong.

When you suffer a permanent injury to a body part, you are often due a schedule award for that permanent condition. Your impairment rating should be for all of the conditions impairing the rated body part, not just the accepted condition. OWCP sends files to doctors to review the schedule award requests. They call those doctors District Medical Advisors (DMA). A DMA reviews your file and writes a memo advising OWCP whether or not your rating was done correctly and your schedule award is processed based upon those memos. Unfortunately, Arnold Berman has continued to make basic errors in his reports regarding concepts that are so well established that OWCP ran a special training program this past May and required all of the DMAs to attend so that they would not continue to make the same types of basic errors over and over. It is unclear why, even after that training, Arnold Berman continues to make such errors that result in a lower rating than what someone is entitled to receive. OWCP has recognized in this most recent case that Arnold Berman failed to follow the basic concepts applicable to the case and arranged for some sort of remedial training so that this hopefully does not continue to occur.

If your schedule award is based upon a DMA memo by Anold Berman, there is a good chance he rated you lower than what you should have been rated.