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Thursday, April 15, 2010

OWCP Ignores Mandate for Open Gov't

President Obama has called for more transparency in government and has required all Departments to execute this concept. Unfortunately, OWCP has not gotten the message. They continue a decade-long pattern of pretending to serve injured workers, while focusing all of their energy upon pleasing employing agencies.

For example, OWCP has added Skype links to “facilitate” calling key personnel such as Regional Directors and top National Office Administrators, but if you search for such key personnel, you do not find any of their names in Skype. Other DOL agencies are issuing frequent accessible news releases, but not OWCP. Other DOL organizations have had live video recorded chats, but not OWCP. OWCP’s presentation of their “Strategic Plan” held on March 25, 2010, was not video-taped for public viewing nor were there any outside participants other than some former OWCP employees who now work for other government agencies. This continues a pattern of OWCP mistakenly viewing its “customer” as the employing agency, and ignoring the plight of the injured worker.