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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Why does OWCP claim not to have received my CA-1032 or other information?

When you send something to OWCP it is scanned to your file. The file contains both scanned documents and an index, or table of contents, that points to the documents received to your file. It is quite common for a CA-1032 or other document to be incorrectly indexed to your file. Your claims examiner will look at that index and not see that a CA-1032 form is listed and assume you did not return it. If you sent in the form and then get a letter saying your claim is going to be suspended because you did not return the form, you should call in and speak to the customer service representative or your claims examiner and ask them to look at the incoming documents scanned to your file around the time the "missing" document should have arrived, not just the index. Most likely it is there and was just not coded correctly when it was scanned.