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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beware the Intervention Nurse

One way that OWCP likes to “bully” injured workers is to assign an intervention nurse soon after an injury or following surgery. The nurse’s goal is to get your doctor to curtail treatment and return you to work, despite your health.

Although the nurse does not have the right to sit in on your appointment with your doctor, many will try. If you allow the nurse in to the examination room during your appointment, this can cause several problems. You are no longer free to discuss your situation with your doctor. The nurse’s presence will increase the time it takes for your examination. And, the nurse may annoy your doctor by questioning his treatment plan and/or harassing him to release you back to work.

You should discuss this situation with your doctor. One solution is for your doctor to advise the assigned nurse that any meeting should occur after your appointment, and the nurse will need to prepay for the amount of time that the nurse wishes the doctor to set aside.

YOU need to have a good rapport with your doctor. Do not let the intervention nurse jeopardize this!