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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Filing Deadlines

Typically, a claim for compensation must be filed within three years of an injury. The three-year time period begins to run from the time the employee knew or should have known that her condition was caused by her job.

This deadline may not apply if the injured employee’s immediate superior was notified of the injury within 30 days of its occurrence. The employee must show not only that the supervisor knew of the injury, but also that he/she knew that it occurred on-the-job. Section 8119 of the Act gives specifics of notification requirements.

In the case of occupational disease, the time for filing begins to run when the employee knows or should have known that her condition was caused by her employment. Where the employee continues to be exposed to the work factors causing the condition, the time limitation starts over every time the person is exposed again, and will run from the date of the last exposure to the work factor. For instance, if you are exposed to loud noise or asbestos on the job, if you learn that you have a medical condition caused by that exposure, but you continue being exposed while continuing to perform your federal employment, your time limitation does not start running until the last day you are exposed to that work factor in your job.