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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

OWCP contractor files for bankruptcy after allowing claimant records to be stolen

A company called Impairment Resources was recently burglarized and computer drives with confidential claimant information was stolen. This is relevant to OWCP claimants because physician Christopher Brigham, who has contracts to review schedule award requests for OWCP, performs that work as Impairment Resources.

A report from the Wall Street Journal yesterday (see link below), advises that rather than deal with the time and expense of helping people with their problems created by this breach, Impairment Resources is being liquidated in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

It is very troubling that OWCP continues to send confidential OWCP claimant information to Christopher Brigham / Impairment Resources under these circumstances.

Even more troubling is that OWCP has not bothered to notify claimants of the theft of their personal information nor taken any steps to advise OWCP claimants what steps they can take and what resources are available to them to protect themselves from identity theft and other problems caused by the failure to have appropriate measures in place to secure claimant records.