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Monday, May 12, 2014

Why doesn't OWCP have a document that I sent?

I frequently hear from OWCP claimants who complain that they have sent a document in to OWCP yet the claims examiner claims it was not received. Any document you submit with your file number clearly marked on each page should be scanned and show up in your file. The most common reason that a claims examiner is telling you that something was not received into your file is that the document actually was received but it was coded incorrectly. For instance, many claimants receive notices that a completed 1032 form was not received  to their file. More often than not, the form is in the file, its just that it was not indexed as a 1032 form. If you are being told something is not in your file, and it should be in your file, telephone OWCP and ask the customer service rep or your claims examiner to look at the actual documents received to your file, not just the index. Its probably there but not properly indexed.